I graduated from Renton Technical College with my Associate’s Degree as an Instructional Assistant. I have 25 years of experience working in a variety of educational settings. My work experiences have included: working with students with low reading skills, serving as a volunteer Youth Leader, working as a Camp Counselor/Assistant Day Camp Director and After School Care Assistant with King County Parks. The last 16 years, I taught at Renton Christian School and wore “many hats.” Over those 16 years, I was the Kindergarten PE Teacher, worked as Teacher’s Assistant (Kindergarten, 1st, & 5th grades). I also taught Jr. High elective classes: Radio Broadcasting (B.O.O.M. FM 101,9), Business Advertising, and Yearbook class. I also was an After School Care Lead for Kindergarten & 1st Grade. My “many hats” continued as the Activity Coordinator for the non-school and early release school days at RCS. During the summer at RCS, I helped run the summer camp program where I worked as a Summer Enrichment Teacher, Field Trip Coordinator, and led the Friday Community Meetings.


My name is Mike Dearborn and this is my first year at Sun Valley Academy! I recently moved to Phoenix from the Seattle area. I’m not going to miss the 9 months of “doom and gloom”….endless days of gray skies and rain. I’m definitely enjoying the abundant sunshine and warmth! Surprisingly, coming from the “coffee capital” of the world….Starbucks….I’m not a coffee drinker because coffee stunts your growth…this is what I tell students and explain to them why I’m so short! I like to vacation to warm places: Hawaii, Southern California, Las Vegas, Orlando, and Phoenix. In my spare time, I like to get together with friends to eat, laugh and enjoy other’s company. I love playing good practical jokes….just don’t take me shopping at Costco!! Now living, in Arizona…I hope to get out and explore the beauty and everything that this state has to offer!