Hi, my name is Jacob Evans.  I am the Technology Instructor here at SVA. I have 3 Apple Certifications. I am also a Google Educator (L2) and Code.org certified. My greatest technology experience comes from my curiosity.  I started building computers, and programming (HTML) when I was 10 years old. I have been a computer and technology Instructor for five years! My success and happiness in life today stem from a childhood passion. Every day I come into work knowing I could be that inspiration for our scholars. My goal is to mentor and enrich both academia and extra-curricular experiences. This is my second year at SVA. I can proudly say I CHOSE and CHOOSE SVA every day! Moving from out of state in I had nearly a full six months to pick a school before even applying to one. Out of all the schools in the greater Phoenix area, I picked SVA because they are a community-based school charter school with strong values. I have two kids, Desmond and Harper, and my wife of ten years! If I am not at school you can guarantee I’ll be enjoying family time on the lake. I enjoy a good tech challenge or home project and can’t help taking something apart to discover the inner workings of it.