Hi! My name is Daniela Sanchez and I am the Health Aide at Sun Valley Academy. I was born in Mexico City and moved to Arizona at the age of two. Over the last five years I have worked several different backgrounds of education and I have loved them all. I started off working in an admissions department and worked my way up to working in guidance. Shortly after this is when I realized I wanted to work directly with kids and I found myself looking into Special Education and Behavioral Support. I felt accomplished knowing I was able to teach kids the way each and every one of them needed to learn. At home, I have two beautiful kids. I have an eight-year old son and a ten-year old daughter that keep me busy. I enjoy taking pictures, I am able to practice often as my daughter is a signed model in Arizona. I am very family oriented and because of that I am so happy to have found such an amazing work family at Sun Valley. I really look forward to building trustworthy and long lasting relationships with all of my parents, scholars and colleagues.