Salutations Sun Valley Academy-Avondale family! My name is Mrs. Hammack and this year I have the privilege of teaching your 4th-gradeĀ scholars Math & Science. Even if you are not in 4th grade, I do want to let you know I am still here for you. šŸ˜Š

This year marks 4 consecutive years being an Arizona educator and rounding my total to seven years in the classroom. My experience ranges from starting as a daycare assistant when I was in the 5th grade, tutoring elementary scholars during my high school years, and post-degree teaching an array of grades from TK-6th grade.

This career has many moments that can make on scratch their head as to what really led them here. For me, I became an educator because I had several strong teachers in my past, especially my 5th-gradeĀ teacher Mrs. Geraths. She became terminally ill that year but never let up on providing quality instruction to us GATE scholars. With that being said, no matter what I am going through, once I enter Sun Valley my teacher hat comes on and my scholarsā€™ educational success becomes my driving force to get me through it.

Sun Valley Academy acknowledges the students as ā€œscholarsā€ which projects ā€œhigh standards and high achievementā€ mentality. Scholars are here to ensure they conquer concepts, ask questions, and keep striving for more. Sun Valley Academy is a place for growth, strengthening relationships and filling the halls with genuine love.

Quick Fun Fact:

To accompany this yearā€™s theme, Superheroes, my scholars will morph into Ninja Stars! COWABUNGA DUDES!