I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education from University of Phoenix. I am Structured English Immersion Endorsed.

My Message

My name is Anna Hayes. I currently teach on the second grade team here at Sun Valley Academy, and I feel blessed and honored to be here. I am very much loving the teamwork with the students, families, and school. I am thrilled to have such talented and bright scholars. I have been a classroom teacher for many years, and currently teaching Second Grade. I have previously taught Kindergarten and Third Grade. I was born in New Mexico, and lived my childhood in Texas, but I have lived longer in Arizona now, so I consider myself an Arizonan. I live in Laveen with my husband and two silly daughters, and I enjoy cooking and visiting with my family and friends. I also love finding new places and activities for my family, friends, and me to experience – such as paddle boarding, or hiking through snow. I also love a nice relaxing shopping day. I feel like I am living my childhood dreams, including my dream of being a teacher. Please reach out to me whenever needed – I am here for your child, and care deeply about their success in life!