Photo: Angela Brooks


I have earned a Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree in Human Resources from Ottawa University. I am currently attending the Arizona State University post graduate college of Social and Human Evolution studying Anthropology.

My Message

My name is Angela Brooks and I am the ELL Coordinator, Student Support Services Coordinator and teach Special Education students. This is my second year as a team member at Sun Valley. I have over 20 years of certified adult education experience and over 17 years in certified Child, Youth and Family development experience. I have taught both elementary and junior high level students and have over 7 years of progressive experience with these grade levels. I’m a certified educator by the State of Arizona. I enjoy working with the community on many levels. I am an active local business owner and am proud to have been selected as a commission member for former Governor of Arizona Janet Napolitano. I look forward to engaging with our Sun Valley students in development, growth and education.