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Sun Valley Academy uses Beyond Textbooks (BT). BT is a curriculum online resource created by a collaborative community of teachers and district leaders to improve student achievement through the implementation of proven teaching and learning frameworks.

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BT is used by over 100 educational partners in Arizona, California, Idaho, Wyoming, and Kentucky comprised of 12,000 plus teachers and impacting over 140,000 standards.

The BT framework allows for Arizona’s College and Career Ready Standards (AZCCRS) to be paced out throughout the year, making sure all Essential Standards are covered before state testing.

Please see the presentation from our Curriculum/Vision Night.

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Language Arts

A strong emphasis is placed on strong foundational skills in literacy. AZCCRS for English Language Arts includes Reading Foundational Skills, Comprehending Literary Text, Comprehending Informational Text, Writing, Listening and Speaking, and Language. Sun Valley Charter School uses the Spalding Method, a total language arts program, in which all teachers are certified. Spalding integrates direct instruction in listening, speaking, spelling, writing, and reading. There is also an emphasis on grammar, vocabulary, fluency, composition, oral communication, and dictation. Multiple opportunities are provided for students to apply Language Arts skills in which to foster critical thinking.


We use Saxon Math as our core math curriculum and is presented to scholars at an accelerated pace.  This means each grade level delivers a curriculum designed for a year ahead of their current grade level.  Saxon Math is a research-based, hands-on curriculum designed to scaffold instruction ensuring that all scholars have multiple opportunities to practice math skills throughout the year.  Our Kindergarten – 2nd-grade scholars use workbooks, and our 3rd – 8th-grade scholars use textbooks in the classroom with access to an eBook at home.  During math instruction, our scholars will engage in direct instruction as well as collaborative learning opportunities with their peers.  Math skills practice, use of hands-on manipulatives, math journals, and anchor charts are other components of daily math lessons.

Social Studies

Sun Valley Academy utilizes Harcourt social studies materials. The aim is to provide students with learning opportunities to develop and use knowledge about one’s community, nation, and the world, apply the inquiry process to the past, and present and cultivate collaboration in decision-making and problem-solving.


Sun Valley Academy utilizes Harcourt Arizona Edition for science instruction. The approach to science is through inquiry in which students are encouraged to ask questions about the world around them and investigate through hands-on learning. The curriculum includes the application of scientific principles in the areas of physics, chemistry, life science, and earth and spaces science. Students use the five steps of inquiry approach and are required to participate in the annual science fair


The Leader in Me (LIM) is a school-wide leadership program that believes that every scholar possesses unique strengths and has the ability to be a leader. LIM provides a holistic experience for staff, scholars, and parents, to create common language and culture within the school. All lessons are taught with grade-level appropriate and meaningful activities and discussions that promote positive changes in leadership skills impacting the individual scholar, the classroom, school and our community.

Special Area Classes

Students are provided the opportunity to participate in special area classes that promotes the building of mind and body. Classes include: Physical Education, Fine Arts (music/art), Technology, Library, and Character Education.


Voyager Passport and Voyager Journeys is an intervention Language Arts program designed for students identified as needing additional instructional time to increase foundational skills. Both programs focus on the five components of reading. Voyager VMath is an intervention Math program also designed for students needing additional instructional to build foundational skills in Math. Voyager’s intervention programs are taught using explicit and direct instruction. Each lesson incorporates visual models, conceptual understanding, problem-solving, and fluency practice.

School Adopted Technology Resources

Generation Genius

Renaissance myON Reader

BrainPOP and BrainPOP Jr.

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