Meet Our Staff

At SVA, we don’t just create great scholars; we create great people. Since we have big goals, we employ teachers and staff with even bigger hearts.

Our team leads with love in all they do, creates engaging learning experiences, and are dedicated to making a life-changing difference in the lives of every student every day!

Pete Banks

Building Maintenance Coordinator

Photo: Natasha Carr

Natasha Carr

Director Of Operations

Tina Garrison Portrait

Tina Garrison

Director Of Curriculum and Instruction

Jackie Johnson Portrait

Jackie Johnson

Director of People and Culture

Photo: Dr Tanae Morrison Portrait

Dr. Tanae Morrison

Founder and CEO

Allison Ong

People and Culture Analyst

Shiva Shojaei

People and Culture Administrator

Amy Austin Portrait

Amy Austin


Vera Brooks

Food Service Worker

Photo: Angela Brooks

Angela Brooks


Petrona Rodney Campbell

Special Education Teacher

Photo: Bernadette Carbajal

Bernadette Carbajal

Instructional Coach

Maggie Christman


Photo: Jim Conner

James Conner

7th and 8th Grade Math

Dody Damron

6th Grade ELA and Science Teacher

Photo: Laurie Ellzey

Laurie Ellzey

1st Grade Teacher

Nicole England

1st Grade Teacher

Photo: Nidia Flores

Nidia Flores

5th Grade Teacher

Devan Franke

Middle School (MS) Social Studies

Shalay Garcia


Photo: Nicholas Gearing

Nicholas Gearing

Curriculum Specialist

Jeannie Grochocki

Instructional Coach

Photo: Anna Hayes

Anna Hayes

2nd Grade Teacher

Artidra Hubbard-Magsby

5th Grade Teacher

Photo: Jason Hungerford

Jason Hungerford

Dean of Students

Photo: Joesph Jackson

Joseph Jackson

5th Grade Teacher

Photo: Tamara Jones

Tamara Jones

Kindergarten Teacher

Diana Kudes

3rd Grade Teacher

Amal Mahdi

3rd Grade Teacher

Charity Martinez

3rd Grade Teacher

Imani Meeks

Kids Care Coordinator

Joshua Myhlhousen

6th Grade Social Studies Teacher

Photo: Adriana Ortega

Adriana Ortega

1st Grade Teacher

Photo: Michelle Pugh

Michelle Pugh

Art Teacher

Photo: Nubia Ruiz

Nubia Ruiz

7th and 8th Grade ELA

Dr. William Smith

Assistant Principal

Gabrielle Sobalvarro

Kindergarten Teacher

Photo: Kerrie Starke

Kerrie Starke

2nd Grade Teacher

Photo: Nicole Swinney

Nicole Swinney

P.E. Teacher

Thelma Valenzuela

Office Manager

Brittany Ventris

Special Education Paraprofessional

Katy Wang

4th Grade Teacher

Rahamata Watara

5th Grade Teacher

Photo: Marianne Welker

Marianne Welker

NSLP Specialist and Paraprofessional

Chanel Williams

Technology Instructor

Photo: Vivian Wills

Vivian Wills

4th Grade Teacher

Rebecca Andreozzi

1st Grade Teacher

Lindsey Bailey

2nd Grade Teacher

Geoffrey Bailey

Art Teacher

Katrina Baker

Dean Of Students

Juliana Cantu

Leader In Me (LIM) Instructor and Special Education Paraprofessional

Dave Cullop

Middle School (MS) Social Studies and ELA

Photo: Jacob Evans

Jacob Evans

Technology Instructor

Photo: Ebony Frey

Ebony Frey

5th Grade Teacher

Tamika Gordon

1st Grade Teacher

Photo: Gabriel Green

Gabriel Green

P.E. Instructor

Sue Hagenau

Food Services

Photo: Jamie Johnson

Jamie Johnson

2nd Grade Teacher

Thomas Johnston

3rd Grade Teacher

Duncan Lloyd

Middle School Math

Wilmarie Maldonado


Monica Navarro

Attendance Clerk

Cecilia Perkins

Office Manager

Photo: Lloydshell Ransom

Lloydchell Ransom

Kindergarten Teacher

Kyra Shields

Kindergarten Teacher

Autumn Williams

Middle School (MS) Science Teacher

Terry Yee

4th Grade Teacher

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